We need volunteers for the jobs listed below.  If you would like to help out at Jewel’s House, please review this list, then fill out a volunteer application.

Do you have any special skills?  Don’t see the job you’d like to do for us?  Let us know on your application.  There is an endless list of tasks to be done and improvements we’d like to make, and your skills may just come in handy.

  • Customer Service
  • Dog Walker
  • Kitty Cuddler
  • Small Animal Samaritan – Prefer the little guys?  Our resident small animals need love and care too!
  • Farm Friend – Want to interface with bigger animals?  Help care for our community of farm animals.
  • Sanitizing Technician – We can always use an extra set of hands when it comes to cleaning living spaces.
  • Activist – Want to spread the word about Jewel’s House and further our mission?  Put your people skills to good use by interfacing with the public on a variety of topics.