We exist to:

  • Find homes for as many adoptable animals as possible
  • Educate the public on animal issues, such as, the importance of spaying and neutering, why puppy mills are bad for animals AND humans, the No-Kill Movement, and other relevant topics
  • Provide communities with resources to help citizens solve animal-related problems that may occur
  • Work towards ending puppy and kitten mills in the state of Maryland
  • Support state legislators who are calling for an animal-abuse registry
  • Teach local shelters how to make the No-Kill model sustainable

Jewel’s House is sanctuary open to all animals.  Our mission is to ease the burden on local high-kill shelters whose practices and policies have resulted in the euthanization of too many adoptable pets.  Instead of passing judgment on these organizations, we aim to work with them to increase the live save rate as much as possible.  We are committed to finding homes for each animal that comes to us, whether that is with an individual adopter, another rescue group, or with us at the sanctuary.

The No-Kill Movement is showing the world that there is a better way to deal with pet overpopulation.  Jewel’s House abides the tenets of this movement, working closely with other rescues, veterinarians, and educators to encourage the growth of the No-Kill ideal.

All donations go directly to the sanctuary, and help care for any stray or abandoned animal that comes our way.