Animal Rescue Myths

“The ASPCA is the parent company of my local SPCA, right?”

No.  The ASPCA is an advocacy group in New York.  They are not affiliated in any way with your local SPCA.  Most importantly, the money you give the ASPCA does NOT trickle down to the SPCA in your area.  While they do good work, if you want to see your money in action, consider donating funds or supplies to a local group.

“But all SPCAs are the same, aren’t they?”

No.  Each SPCA is independently run, and are not associated with each other.  Often times, shelters will partner with each other to help animals find homes, but that is where the affiliation ends.

“Doesn’t ‘no-kill’ mean that you don’t put any animals to sleep?”

No!  The term “no-kill” indicates a shelter that does not euthanize for space.  Many believe that putting an adoptable animal to sleep, just because the shelter ran out of space, is murder.  “Euthanize” is a mercy kill.  If an animal is sick and cannot recover, they are spared further misery.  It is NOT considered euthanasia if a healthy animal is killed for space.  A no-kill shelter will euthanize a sick animal who cannot recover.  That’s it.

“No-Kill is a great idea, but it doesn’t work in reality.”

False.  There are entire counties in this country that are strictly no-kill.  It has been implemented in many places, and it works.  Shelters aiming to go no-kill need help from a shelter manager or director that knows how to implement it correctly.  They may have to re-arrange their operations, but it can be done.  For more information on this, please visit the No-Kill Coalition at